Disputing 101 Webinar

Disputing 101 Webinar

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An overview Disputing 101 Course:

1. **Understanding Disputing Basics**:
- Learn the importance of disputing credit report errors.
- Understand the reasons behind disputing and the significance of defining what actions you want taken.

2. **Exploring Different Disputing Methods & Tactics**:
- Discover various methods for disputing credit report inaccuracies, including online disputes, fax disputes, and certified or regular mail disputes.
- Explore tactics for effectively presenting your case and increasing the likelihood of a successful dispute outcome.

3. **Navigating the Investigation Process**:
- Gain insights into the investigation window, including the timeline for resolving disputes.
- Understand how investigation results are determined and the steps involved in following up on disputed items.

Throughout the course, participants will develop the skills and knowledge needed to confidently navigate the credit report dispute process, empowering them to advocate for the accuracy of their credit reports effectively.

Date : April 7, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

30 minute Q&A Will be Held at the End 

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